Better may be a relative term, but there’s no doubt that video marketing does have some benefits that other forms of advertising simply cannot offer.


The main advantage is that videos can be shared online, and users do in fact share them and share them often. With other forms of advertising, such as television and radio ads, when you reach one person, you only reach that person. Even with large audiences, the reach does not extend beyond that audience.

But with video marketing, when a business reaches one user, that user might share the video, and reach hundreds of more people with just one share. If those users then share the video again, that’s hundreds and thousands of potential people, and potential customers that could be reached.

Video marketing is also extremely beneficial for small local business, because video ads do very well among mobile users. This means that when customers that are right around the corner from your business are searching for your product, your business, and a link to your video, will be one of the first results they see. And if they click on the link, studies have proven that they’re more likely to purchase the product they’re looking for from that company.

Lastly, when businesses want to inform or educate their customers, video content allows them to do so in a much more interesting and entertaining way. Unlike any other form of advertising, video applies to the audio and visual senses, so it’s better able to hold the attention of users. Videos that include explanations, such as how-to guides or product demonstrations, are also better than other forms of advertising because it allows users to actually see the information and better understand it.