Market-Based Spokesperson Video – Up to One Minute



Your brand needs a video spokesperson to represent your business in a professional and up-to-date method. If you are looking to promote brand awareness and increase your online traffic, check out our professional and talented spokespeople to represent your company.

  • Straightforward and engaging
  • Connects with viewers
  • Supplies important information that encourages viewers to click-through and purchase your products
  • Compelling and exciting marketing tool for your products, services or tools

Each additional minute is only $200. See Below or CLICK HERE



Niche based spokesperson, up to one minute

– Videos are stored and available on Vimeo for general use, website placement, etc.
– MP4 file is provided

Each additional minute is only $200. See Below or CLICK HERE

If You Build it (Video), They WON’T Necessarily Come!?!

You’re going to need SEO = YouTube placement, Google indexing, written video descriptions, keywords for your local market…ongoing.

1) $197.00 monthly, OR
2) $997.00 annual commitment discount SAVE 58%!

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