Many business owners initially dismiss the thought of video marketing because they envision costly production studio times complete with a crew and scripts and possibly even actors. However, none of that is absolutely necessary for a business to have before embarking into video marketing.

A video can be made with a simple smartphone and shared via social networks and possibly directly onto the company’s website or blog. These types of videos have a very low budget cost and are sometimes the most entertaining ones on the Web, whether they’re live videos of conferences the business owner is attending, or live shots from the company’s barbecue.

For more formal, professional-looking videos, business owners might choose to use a production studio and professional scripts; maybe even a closed sound stage. These productions can cost thousands of dollars, although they will give a high-quality look and feel.

Most business owners choose the middle ground when it comes to the cost of video marketing. These videos can still be made with a simple smartphone, but the use of video creation and video editing software might cost up to a hundred dollars. This small investment can really make videos pop and stand out in the crowd.